What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral is a very gentle hands-on bodywork technique that brings about an equilibrium to the Craniosacral system.

THE CRANIOSACRAL SYSTEM is the membraneous and hydraulic system that creates the environment of the central nervous system. The brain and spinal cord are surrounded, protected and nourished by the Cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid is contained in layers of membrane. The outermost membrane layer is called the Dura Mater (Latin words meaning ‘strong mother’). It forms a lining attached to the inner surface of the bones of the head, giving the fluid a flexible space in which to circulate around the brain. Then, as a fluid filled tube containing the spinal cord, it travels through the vertebral canal to attach inside the sacrum at the base of the spine.

THE CRANIOSACRAL RHYTHM is the subtle physiological movement of this entire system – in time with the production of the Cerebrospinal fluid. This rhythm is transmitted beyond the confines of the membranes through the fascia and can be perceived anywhere on the body.

By tuning in to the craniosacral rhythm in different parts of the body and noting its variations, the trained practitioner is guided to the places that need attention, where the rhythm is less apparent or has less amplitude. These imbalances are usually due to trauma, which may be physical, emotional or psychic and is often a combination of these factors .

The touch is very light, often in the order of 5 grams and works with both the fascial and membrane systems and their interrelationships. The techniques used are very respectful of the body and the person, with the therapist observing the natural tendencies of the structure, allowing and inviting an exaggeration to the point of release and then helping the body to find a new balance. Often there is a dialogue and here again the practitioner stands back, using language to encourage the client’s inner wisdom to give guidance.


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