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I highly recommend the Craniosacral Australia training and feel very grateful to have done my studies with them. Dhyan Trevor and Heera Cattani are both very gifted practitioners and teachers with an extraordinary ongoing passion for Craniosacral and their guest teachers are also professionals with many years experience.

​My decision to study came after receiving regular sessions from Heera and finding relief from chronic back pain and headaches that I had been experiencing for years.  It helped me so much that I wanted to be able to do the same for others.  I began my training in 2010 and completed level 3 in 2012 and have been a practicing therapist ever since.  The training was of the highest caliber with personalized help and attention at all times. I always felt supported with my studies and continue to feel so with ongoing advanced workshops available. The training is created in such a way that there is time between each level for sufficient practice and study to ensure that each student is adequately prepared to move into the next level.  Each student is honored in their personal development and given time and space to integrate the teachings. It was a huge gift to be able to study locally as I was able to receive sessions from both Dhyan Trevor and Heera, which gave me a deeper experience of the power and subtleties of the Craniosacral work.

Cheryl Heazlewood, Craniosacral practitioner and Spiritual Healer.


I have absolutely loved my Craniosacral training with Heera and Trevor. I feel incredibly blessed to have been taught by two such generous and knowledgable teachers. The course is a perfect blend of scientific, anatomical, energetic and experiential teachings. I have learnt so much and feel indebted to both Heera and Trevor for the abundance of what they share. There is the actual course and then practice days and weekend workshops. I feel so supported by them and the whole process. I am a yoga teacher and naturopath. I am also in my 4th year of my Masters of Gestalt and i have been practising Craniosacral therapy for the last 3 years. I am passionate about the potential of healing that arises from Cranio and can’t express my gratitude enough for what Heera and Trevor have shared and continue to share. The course fulfilled all my hopes and more!

Deb Manoy Naturopath & Yoga Teacher

I have had the privilege to be taught by Dhyan Trevor and his partner Heera as part of Craniosacral Therapy formal training which I am pursuing as part of my continuing education as a Dental Surgeon.
They come across as confident presenters, incorporating various teaching modalities to suit different learning styles, for example hands on training (experiential learning) as well as visual and auditory aids such as slides, music and flip chart drawings. Always patient with the slowest of learners, but also nurturing to bright students, they are among the most skilful teachers I have had, passing on the deep and wide body of knowledge and expertise with empathy, confidence and humour.

Henriette Macri-Etienne BDS (Hons)


I have studied under Dhyan Trevor and his partner Heera for both level 1 and 2 Craniosacral Training. I am a primary school teacher by profession, I also hold Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. During both trainings I was utterly impressed by their training methods and theoretical knowledge.
Together they were able to use their vast subject knowledge to teach in a sequential order the required skills to become proficient for both levels. Previous skills and knowledge were revisited and built upon when introducing new techniques.
A variety of teaching methods and resources were used throughout the trainings, to cater for individual learning styles. Each student is provided with a printed workbook, which provides thorough notes for study and practice. Music is used as an anchor to develop physical and energetic sensitivities. Slides are used to give a visual representation of what the students are feeling and working with. Through an excellent use of language explanations are provided in a variety of ways. The correct placement of hands are demonstrated on models and then the students hand positions are adjusted in a clear and relaxed manner.
Sufficient time was allowed for the practice of new techniques and the study of under pinning knowledge, both during and between trainings. Excellent support was provided with individual tutorials and practice days.
I highly recommend this training for anyone wishing to learn a profound new skill.

Viren Goundrie B. Teach


As a clinical physiotherapist the training programme at Craniosacral Australia is one of the best I have attended. The pace of the course allows time for integration of the anatomical knowledge with the new techniques. It is one of the most enjoyable educational experiences i have had in 20 plus years of being a physiotherapist. This is due to Trevor and Heera’s personal style and passion for this gentle and subtle body work. Also, the venue leads itself to learning at a relaxed and thorough pace.

Shelley Barlow B.App Sc (Physio)


Dhyan Trevor learnt the craft of Craniosacral therapy almost thirty years ago in an ashram in India, from world leading experts. He has been teaching and practising ever since. When you add to this his uncanny ability to unpack information and present it to his students in the most digestible form possible, you have a teacher whose every word impacts on your ability as a practitioner. The student’s learning is supported at many levels with comprehensive workbooks, hours of hands on experience, follow up guided practice days and the ability to have one on one tutorials.

Dhyan Trevor and his wonderful partner Heera are always more than willing to support students via phone or email when needed. They are approachable and offer endless encouragement. Once a student has finished the course they are welcomed into the craniosacral family where there is ongoing support and the opportunity for further education. I can not recommend this course and Dhyan and Heera highly enough. We are so blessed to have teachers and practitioners of such a high calibre right here in our very own backyard.

If you are thinking of becoming a craniosacral therapist you really should put Craniosacral Australia’s course at the top of your list.

Sarah James RN


I have known Dhyan Trevor and Heera since March 2001 when I began training in craniosacral therapy under their tuition.
The training involved 3, nine day, progressed levels of detailed theoretical and practical study. The teaching was conducted in class format, small group clusters and one on one tuition.
A variety of teaching methods were employed throughout this training. During the theoretical component, didactic style and discussion was combined with the use of visual aids, anatomical skeletal models, course manuals and text reading. The practical component included explanation and demonstration on both anatomical and live models before instruction and assistance amongst trainees. Proprioceptive and kinaesthetic preparatory exercises, guided by Heera, were used to enhance palpatory and manual skills.
At all times I experienced confidence in Dhyan as a trainer and craniosacral therapist. The material was well presented and organised and Dhyan demonstrated a relaxed, professional manner. I was particularly  impresses with his ability to impart detailed anatomical knowledge and develop sensitive palpatory skills in lay people. I believe this to be a result of his own study and experience, his extensive preparation of material and diversity of teaching skills.
The Craniosacral Australia training is led by well experienced, competent and professional trainers.

Janelle Angel B.App Sc (Physio)

Bangalow Women’s Health.

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