Testimonials – Participants Experience

The Mystic Rose is simply the most direct method I have found to access not only my un-inhibited nature but also the wounds and fears that have been the source of the limiting patterns that have held me back from living my life fully


I could not imagine in my wildest dreams how different life became after my experience in the Mystic Rose.I now feel a right to exist. More delighted and more as a whole beingy


For the first time I had the experience that no one was trying to stop me from crying. Instead I felt total support.What a wonderful feeling it was to cry without judgement and “for no reason.” I also found my tears of joy.


The energy that infused my being during the first week was unbelievable. My connection with the environment was heightened to such a degree, that all I could do was look upon the beauty that surrounded me with a new found appreciation for this gift of life.


For me, the Mystic Rose remains one of the most profound periods of my life. I feel a deep gratitude for what was revealed to me during those three weeks.


The Mystic Rose was one of my first experiences of heavenly joy following the release of fear and pain that engulfed me in the crying week.


During the week of meditation I watched, felt and heard very vividly my mask of personality fall off my face and crash to the floor. My meditations go deeper with ease and less effort.