Craniosacral Training Structure

A 15 months high quality Craniosacral training

The Craniosacral Australia 15 month practitioner training is structured in 3 levels

Each level has a minimum contact time of 80 hours, which may be divided in a series of meetings, with some time in between, or completed in consecutive days.

An introductory course of 2 to 3 days is available. This course may be taken on its own, or as the first part of the Level 1 training.  Level 1 is offered as a series of 4 weekends. After level 1 all courses are 9 days continuous. Monthly practice/review days are held between each level — thus the training is a continuum.

Each year we follow basically the same pattern, level 1 in the first semester, level 2 the second, level 3 the first again. Thus it takes 15 months to complete the basic training. It is possible to go at your own pace, some people do 1 level per year.

After Level 3 there is an ongoing advanced training. Usually there are 3 weekend workshops per year, with a practice day a month after the workshop. This training supports graduated students in the first years of practice and covers more refined and delicate aspects of Craniosacral work.

Well prepared and thorough manuals accompany every stage of the training and can be used for home study. The workbooks carry the student step by step through the individual techniques and session procedures as well as explaining the theory on which they are based. They also show detailed anatomy, including full colour plates.

After each level students are required to complete a minimum of 30 documented practice sessions, to receive 6 sessions and to have 2 tutorials, before commencing the next level. Of the sessions received, at least 2 must be from a qualified practitioner. A tutorial is a private, individual lesson with a recognised tutor, in which the student practises the techniques and receives advice and hands-on assistance.

When a student has completed Level 3, it is possible to be part of Craniosacral Australia’s registry of certified practitioners.

The Craniosacral Australia Training is very complete, in that it comprises more than 500 hours  The 80 workshop hours, per level, give ample time for practice and clarification. The individual lessons and sessions, received and given, ensure the techniques are thoroughly understood and absorbed. Above all the encouragement of the meditative and self awareness aspects inherent in the work give this training a particularly beautiful and profound dimension.

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