Craniosacral Training Level 2

Progressing to this course, students move into a deeper process with Craniosacral work. The techniques become more specific and we start learning to meet the particular needs of the person, in the moment.

To begin with, the level 1 course content is thoroughly gone over and looked at with the experience and practice of the time between courses. Space is available to talk about feelings that have come up during this practice and to share individually, and as a group, in the personal growth that can happen through this work.

The cranial base is the structural focus and is worked with in relationship to the whole body, especially the pelvis.

Release of the Temporo-Mandibular joint is made more complete by using intra oral techniques to relax the muscles of mastication and allow ‘unwinding’ of the jaw.

Whole body evaluation is thoroughly treated. Firstly, sensitivity to variations in the Craniosacral rhythm is developed. Then, more precise methods for tuning in to the dural tube and the fascia are taught.

Finally, the concept and practice of ‘arcing’ is added to the evaluation repertoire. Arcing is a method for asking the body’s inner wisdom to guide the practitioner in locating the places that are important in that moment and can form the basis for creating a session plan.

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