Craniosacral Training Level 1

Presence, intention and responding in the moment form the basis of this foundation course. Participants will learn to sense and work with the intervertebral and intracranial membrane system on this basis.

Developing sensitivity and palpation skills, the group focuses on tuning into the craniosacral rhythm and the subtle energies and messages of the body. Techniques for balancing the craniosacral system and enhancing its self-correcting potential include:

• Still point inductions
• Fascia mobilisation – diaphragm releases
• Reinforcing the sacral – occipital connection by mobilising the ‘core-link’, the Dural Tube
• Specific techniques for balancing the intracranial membrane system and increasing the flow of the Cerebrospinal fluid
• Temporo-Mandibular joint release
• Direction of energy techniques.

At the end of this training participants will be able to do a session which beneficially affects the complete craniosacral system and will have learned a particular way of working with people.

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