INTRODUCTION: ‘The Lotus Thread’

The Introductory course takes its subtitle from an ancient sutra:

“Place your whole attention on the nerve, delicate as the lotus thread,in the centre of your spinal column. In such be transformed.”

The Dural Tube is the name given to the membrane system surrounding the spinal cord. The aim of this course is to get in touch with the Dural Tube. Learning to sense its subtle rhythm and finding ways to help it become more flexible, we can bring awareness to the lotus thread.

The techniques practised in this course form the basis for the rest of the training. At the same time it is complete in itself and may satisfy the needs of bodyworkers who want to add a different dimension to their work or anyone ready to enter into this new world of feeling.

As well as tuning into the craniosacral rhythm participants will learn to sense where the fascia of the body may be restricting this rhythm and how it would like to move to free itself. The next step is the Dural Tube. Since all the spinal nerves have sleeves of Dura, bringing more flexibility to this membrane has a beneficial effect on every organ and muscle in the body.

The spinal cord carries messages to and from the brain. So clearly the Dura, lying inside the bones of the vertebral column and outside the spinal cord, provides the link between this original interactive superhighway, and the physical reality of the body.

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