An Integrated Approach to Craniosacral

Craniosacral started in 1899 with the work of William Garner Sutherland, who developed Cranial Osteopathy, an enhancement to the original practice of Osteopathy. His work was based on subtle movements of the cranial bones, the sacrum and the membrane and fluid system surrounding the brain and spinal cord.
He believed these movements were an expression of the ‘Breath of Life’
In the 1980’s another osteopath, John Upledger slightly modified Dr Sutherland’s work and began teaching it outside of the osteopathic profession. Calling his practice Craniosacral Therapy. Upledger developed a quasi scientific explanation. The ‘Upledger Model’ is based on the theory that the production and absorption of Cerebrospinal Fluid in the brain creates this movement in the cranial bones and throughout the entire system.
By demystifying the therapy Upledger had negated the spiritual aspect inherent in Dr Sutherland’s approach.
In the late 1990’s the teachings of an English therapist, Franklin Sills, started to gain traction. He brought the therapy back to the intention of Dr Sutherland, reintroducing the spiritual dimension, working with slower and deeper rhythms in the body. Following developments in Cranial Osteopathy he called his method Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.
In our practice and courses we have integrated the biodynamic principles with the concern for structure which was always present in Dr Sutherland’s teaching.

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