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Craniosacral Australia is an association of independent bodyworkers who practise and teach Craniosacral. The teaching staff have international training and a highly qualified support team. The Craniosacral Australia training developed from that taught by the International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing, Switzerland and the International Academy of Healing Arts, Pune, India.
The trainings promoted by Craniosacral Australia give a completely professional education in Craniosacral techniques and encourage the self-awareness and meditative aspects inherent in this work.

Dhyan Trevor

Dhyan Trevor was Born in Sydney in 1947, studied Indian history at Sydney University in the 1960‘s, then moved to Far North Queensland. He became a migratory beekeeper and raised a family on the Western slopes of The Atherton Tablelands.

In 1989 he began travelling and turning a longtime massage hobby into a new career, participated in a massage training at the Osho Commune Pune, India. Here he was introduced to craniosacral. He dedicated his life to this new work, selling his bees and returning to India where he participated in a complete training and spent a year’s ‘internship’ at the Academy of Healing Arts. He assisted various trainings and was mentored by a gifted bodyworker named Nirvesha.

In 1991 Trevor helped organise and assisted in the first craniosacral training in Australia. He then traveled to Italy where he participated in an advanced training with Bhadrena Tschumi and an ‘Advanced Review’ with John Upledger. He was to live in Italy and India until the end of 1999. During this time he became an official teacher for the International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing and taught courses in Italy, Holland, England and Australia. In India he taught courses alongside Bhadrena with up to 80 participants.

Reading Dr Sutherland’s Teachings in the Science of Osteopathy in 1993 Dhyan Trevor realised that much of what he had experienced in his craniosacral practice had a conceptual framework. From then on his work became a continuous enquiry. This enquiry was deepened by studying the writings of Rollin Becker, Dr Sutherland’s successor. Trevor’s way of working with the craniosacral system is based on Dr Becker’s bioenergetic approach.

In 1999 Dhyan Trevor returned permanently to Australia and established Craniosacral Australia. In 2013 a dedicated craniosacral studio was created in South Golden Beach, in the north of the Byron Shire, here he shares a practice with Heera and teaches craniosacral courses.

phone: 0411 810 049
email: info@craniosacral.com.au


Heera (Lydia) Cattani was born in Rome in 1961.

She started her inner journey of spiritual awareness through the body while quite young. The 80’s shone for her in the light of the practice of Hatha Yoga, creative dance and vipassana. During this time she completed a 3 year Yoga teacher training. Unexpectedly at the age of 27 she lost her vision following an autoimmune response during which the optic nerves became inflamed and atrophied.

Driven by the spirit of research and continuing to work as a Yoga teacher she began to study body therapies: reflexology, shiatsu, natural vision and in ’93 craniosacral. Heera was particularly attracted to craniosacral by its intrinsic relationship with the environment of the nervous system. Through craniosacral she reacquired certain visual reflexes, expanded her peripheral vision and maintained a constant vitality in the eyes.

She completed the craniosacral balancing training to the advanced level, studying with Dhyan Trevor, Bhadrena Tschumi and Kavi Gemin. More recently she trained with Michael Kern in biodynamic and visceral craniosacral. Her constant teachers have been her clients and students, the intrinsic wisdom of the body and the Breath of Life.

Heera is in private practice in South Golden Beach, near Byron Bay, working with people of all ages including newborns. Competent in all aspects of craniosacral work she is particularly esteemed for her pre and post natal care of mothers and babies and her way of treating jaw problems. She contributes her experience to the craniosacral trainings conducted by Dhyan Trevor and likes to collaborate with practitioners from particular disciplines, including Optometry, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Alexander Technique and obviously, Yoga.

If the breath is for Heera the essence of Yoga, the Breath of Life is the essence of craniosacral practice. The two disciplines complement each other drawing from the same source: stillness.

phone: 0412 901 587
email: heera@aapt.net.au


Najma Ahern

Najma Ahern trained in Craniosacral Balancing®, completing the practitioner training with Bhadrena Tschumi in 1991. It was the first Craniosacral Training to be held in Australia. She is a trainer, tutor and member of the International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing based in Switzerland and has been working continuously in this field since that date.

In 1997 Najma travelled to Italy to complete the Advanced Training in this specialised modality, presented by Bhadrena Tschumi and Kavi Gemin, and in 2004 completed the Craniosacral Biodynamics Training and Baby Course for Practitioners again conducted by Bhadrena and Kavi in Perth, WA.

Currently she works in private practice in Mullumbimby and teaches the Introduction to Craniosacral course through Byron Regional College. Najma is also trained in Kinesiology, Trauma Healing (following the work of Peter Levine), Therapeutic Massage and Global Posturology which expands on the work of Dr Brian Rothbart, podiatric orthopaedist. Najma is a certified provider of Posture Control Insoles®, and is a member of the Association of Massage Therapists Ltd.

Working with Dentists Dr Joseph Da Cruz (Canberra) and Dr Inta Rudjas (Mullumbimby) Najma provides craniosacral sessions for people undergoing treatment with the dental appliance known as SOMA (Splint, Orthodontic, Myofunctional Appliance) developed by Dr. Da Cruz (www.wholisticdentistry.com.au) in collaboration with Dr. John Diamond (www.DrJohnDiamond.com). She is excited by the cross modality networking that has resulted from the application of Dr Da Cruz’s work involving non-invasive dental treatment, focusing on interrelated conditions of malocclusion, TMD and sleep disordered breathing using functional appliance therapy.
Najma’s sensitivity, understanding and compassion makes her an inspiring teacher and a dynamic and gifted practitioner. Her work is directed towards an integrative healing of body, mind and spirit, gently supporting the exploration of the Self to its fullest potential. Najma is interested in cross modality sharing and works closely with Wholistic Dentists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Craniopaths, Kinesiologists and Naturopaths. Multi hands on sessions are an unusual application of the work and can result in profound shifts for people.

Working with newborns and children is an important and rewarding aspect of craniosacral work for Najma.

phone: +61 (0)2 6684 6444.
email: najma@bebalanced.com.au

Satyesh Pelgrave

Satyesh Pelgrave has been a craniosacral practitioner since 1991. He travelled to Italy for the advanced training in 1992. Within 6 months of completing his basic training he took a giant leap into the unknown by moving to Cairns & opening the first craniosacral practice in FNQ.

That practice – now known as Cairns Cranio Clinic – is still the only one in the north solely devoted to craniosacral. From humble beginnings, when much time was spent explaining craniosacral and persuading people to try a treatment, Satyesh now has clients travelling to Cairns from as far as Cooktown, Mission Beach and the Atherton Tableland.

Such a large area generates a very diverse range of clients so Satyesh has developed 3 main focal points in his work.

1 –  relief of physical trauma – acute or chronic – from accident, disease, birth or surgery.
2 –  relief from modern day stresses.
3 –  preventative maintenance.

From newborns who have experienced challenges during birth to parachutists who have miscalculated their landings, from elderly people with Meniere’s to dyslexic children Satyesh has been extremely fortunate to have been able to assist them and many, many others on their journey back to health.

After 18 years of clinical experience, teaching a number of Introductory courses & numerous visits to Byron Bay to assist in trainings, Satyesh began organising the first Craniosacral Australia Level 1 training in Cairns. Held in Oct/Nov ’09 and taught by Dhyan Trevor and Satyesh with 8 enthusiastic participants, it has paved the way for the full Craniosacral Australia practitioner training to be offered in Cairns.

“The experience of supporting the students as they discover the powerful effects of the gentle and subtle craniosacral techniques is as rewarding as doing a successful treatment myself.” – Satyesh.

phone: 0418 783 652
email: cairnscranio@yahoo.com

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