Comprehensive Craniosacral Training

For 26 years Craniosacral Australia delivered a 15 months high quality training with ongoing support.

Integrated Approach to Craniosacral

In our practice and courses we have integrated the biodynamic principles with the concern for structure which was always present in Dr Sutherland’s original teaching.

Ongoing Support

We offer practice days and continued support to all our students who complete the program.

Most Comprehensive Craniosacral Training for 26 Years

I have absolutely loved my Craniosacral training with Heera and Trevor. I feel incredibly blessed to have been taught by two such generous and knowledgable teachers. The course is a perfect blend of scientific, anatomical, energetic and experiential teachings. I have learnt so much and feel indebted to both Heera and Trevor for the abundance of what they share. There is the actual course and then practice days and weekend workshops. I feel so supported by them and the whole process. I am a yoga teacher and naturopath. I am also in my 4th year of my Masters of Gestalt and i have been practising Craniosacral therapy for the last 3 years. I am passionate about the potential of healing that arises from Cranio and can’t express my gratitude enough for what Heera and Trevor have shared and continue to share. The course fulfilled all my hopes and more!

Deb Manoy Naturopath & Yoga Teacher


I have had the privilege to be taught by Dhyan Trevor and his partner Heera as part of Craniosacral formal training which I am pursuing as part of my continuing education as a Dental Surgeon.
They come across as confident presenters, incorporating various teaching modalities to suit different learning styles, for example hands on training (experiential learning) as well as visual and auditory aids such as slides, music and flip chart drawings. Always patient with the slowest of learners, but also nurturing to bright students, they are among the most skilful teachers I have had, passing on the deep and wide body of knowledge and expertise with empathy, confidence and humour.

Henriette Macri-Etienne BDS (Hons)


As a clinical physiotherapist the training programme at Craniosacral Australia is one of the best I have attended. The pace of the course allows time for integration of the anatomical knowledge with the new techniques. It is one of the most enjoyable educational experiences i have had in 20 plus years of being a physiotherapist. This is due to Trevor and Heera’s personal style and passion for this gentle and subtle body work. Also, the venue leads itself to learning at a relaxed and thorough pace.

Shelley Barlow B.App Sc (Physio)


I recently completed my Craniosacral Training at Craniosacral Australia, I really can’t recommend the course highly enough. It is such a privilege to learn from renowned expert Dyhan Trevor and his partner Heera. The course they have created over many years is the perfect combination of theory and practical skills with the added comfort of knowing that they are committed to supporting you as you ventu​re into your new career. If you are thinking of becoming a Craniosacral therapist you really should put Craniosacral Australia’s course at the top of your list.

Sarah James RN